rosary (plural rosaries)

  1. series of prayers: a series of Roman Catholic prayers, usually made up of five or fifteen, or twenty decades of Hail Marys, each decade beginning with Our Father and ending with a Gloria Be to the Father. Other prayers are also incorporated into the rosary.
  2. Catholic prayer beads a string of beads used in counting the prayers said in a rosary
  3. non-Catholic prayer beads: a string of beads used in praying by members of religions or denominations other than Roman Catholicism such as the Anglican Church

6 letters in word "rosary": A O R R S Y.

No anagrams for rosary found in this word list.

Words found within rosary:

ar ars ary as ay ays oar oars oary or ora orra ors os osar oy oys ras ray rays roar roars roary rory rosy rya ryas sar say so soar sora sorra sorry soy soya ya yar yarr yarrs yo yos

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